Taller 6a


We are one of the few art galleries in all of Spain with traditional stamping workshops of its own. The location of Gallery, and opposite our traditional print Workshop, make our project, which started in 1982, a unique concept. We have etched and edited over 1800 images of over 100 artists, who are invited to work traditional stamping techniques such as woodcuts, etchings and lithography, under the advice of our technical team, ready to carry out the artists’ proposals. Being one of the few workshops in Spain, if not the only one, with more than 600 lithographic stones, active, available to contemporary art, along with presses and machines, in many unique cases active in Spain, make the TALLER 6A even more special, making it possible to perform 100% 6a productions. We’ve been developing the field of technical research for more than four decades, so we can offer the greatest to creators. The original graphic work that we print and edit is part of interesting and careful exhibition projects that we show in our Gallery, where graphic work and unique work live together in equilibrium, under the stamp of excellence and quality, always. 6A TALLER I GALERIA D’ART has been the only such institution to exhibit in the Calcografía Nacional (Madrid, 1987) and in the emblematic Sa Llotja (Palma. Majorca, 1989). In 2018 the City Council of Palma awarded 6A TALLER I GALERIA D’ART the Gold Medal of the City, in recognition of our contribution in the field of traditional printing techniques and contemporary art. In 2019; 6A was awarded by the Rotary Mallorca with the Fine Arts Award 2018–2019; and in 2022 the Government of the Balearic Islands awarded us with a Ramon Llull Award in recognition of our huge work over four decades of love for history, technique, art and culture.