In the sailor language of the classical period, a circumnavigation trip in the environment of an island was called Periplus, among other insights. The navigators marked on the navigation chart the distances between the different points of the coast.


In the language of 6A GALERIA D’ART, Periplus takes place a collective proposal that is possible thanks to the work of the authors LOLA BERENGUER, MIGUEL ÁNGEL CAMPANO, EMMANUEL LAFONT, JOAN SOLER REBASSA, JOHN ULBRICHT, TOMEU VENTAYOL and ANGELA VON NEUMANN.


As always, 6A GALERIA D’ART, has promoted proposals in which excellence and quality are the starting point and at the same time the point of arrival. From here on, proposals that are governed by coherence are spun, both in the whole, and in each and every one of the pieces that make it up.


Apparently PERIPLUS is a proposal made up of completely unrelated works and authors. From the most faithful figurative to reality that we find in Emmanuel Lafont’s drawings, to the most refined abstraction of Tomeu Ventayol; from the abstract Ulbricht of the 60s before being one of the references of the “new figuration”, to Angela Von Neumann of the 50s, with clear influences from Mexican painting, before taking root in Mallorca; through the geometric abstractions of Lola Berenguer and Joan Soler Rebassa; to end in a series of intimate TVs, by Miguel Ángel Campano.

But the whole is for something. What do the authors that make up the exhibition have in common? The insistence of the house, when claiming the office in the creator, is nothing new. It is part of the hallmark, of the way of understanding art, that we have set for ourselves and probably the best way to vindicate the process, beyond a final result, a result for purely aesthetic or theoretical reasons. The priority is, in any case, to show work of excellent execution.


Work of authors with a solid discourse capable of coexisting, of dialoguing in harmony with the work of other authors, fiercely opposed, conceptually and chronologically, and without, at any time, overshadowing.


This coexistence so well dispersed in the same space is certainly a provocation. What could happen a struggle between lights and shadows, is a balance, that as it is experienced, the painting, the brushstroke, the charcoal stroke, the imprint of the smoke, the iron, … the Periplus, simply, flowing.


With this exhibition 6A GALERIA D’ART brings together 7 authors. All of them have had a relationship with 6A throughout almost 40 years of history, except for Joan Soler Rebassa (Sóller, 1964), who has been the first time he has worked in Workshop 6A and has accepted the 6A proposal. GALERIA D’ART to be part of this Journey.


Altogether, the dominance of abstraction is evident, conceived for decades by five of the seven authors. Thanks, yes, to very diverse techniques: from oil on paper or canvas, to acrylic, sharing pictorial support with smoke or graphite. Only charcoal on paper by the Malaga author Emmanuel Lafont, faithful to the extreme, to reality, together with the works of Angela Von Neumann, break the apparently conductive thread imposed by abstraction in the first instance.


Lola Berenguer (El Ejido, Almería 1965) has been a regular collaborator of the house since 2016. The artist’s meticulousness in the process results in a careful work, perfectly executed, with geometric shapes balanced on the pictorial surface. Elegance is synonymous with Berenguer.


Miguel Ángel Campano (Madrid, 1948 – Cercedilla, 2018) was one of the creators of the so-called Renovation of Spanish painting of the 80s. With an independent, transgressive and experimental character, he was awarded the National Prize for Plastic Arts in 1996, at which time belong to some of the works that can be found in the exhibition that concerns us, painting has always been questioned from painting. His formal and technical ramblings are found in every brushstroke. He rooted life and painting in Mallorca. Always faithful to painting, without further ado, he often pointed out that he was the creator of a “non-style”, constantly evolving due to a “restless and stormy” character.


Emmanuel Lafont lives and works in Benalmádena (Málaga). He is a regular contributor to 6A since 2015. A great observer of the reality that surrounds him, he is a hunter thanks to graphite or charcoal, on paper or canvas. The sequence that can be seen in the exhibition defines Lafont as an intended observer of great patience, more reflective and defender of how authentic beauty can be found in decadence. Drawing becomes his main tool to establish a dialogue with the environment, and consequently, with whom he looks.


For the first time, Joan Soler Rebassa (Sóller, 1964) has at the disposal of 6A GALERIA D ’ART his abstraction with clear geometric connotations and architectural conceptions. The painter is also an architect, a fact that can be seen in his conception of space on the pictorial support. The defined contours of geometric forms established as small monochrome fields, arranged in an order on the neutral background, seem only to be broken by the degradations of painting with smoke. The artist has stayed at Workshop 6A Thanks to his first contact with the lithographic technique, on this occasion, in combination with the collage technique, Soler Rebassa signs and numbers the edition of extraordinary original graphic work, putting it, one more stroke in value.


It is an honour to be able to count on the selection of works from the 60s, by John Ulbricht (La Havanna, Cuba, 1926 – Galilea, Mallorca, 2006). A good friend of the house, a collaborating artist for many years thanks to the lithographic technique, since 6A we have wanted to show a face, it can be forgotten by Ulbricht. With clear influences from North American abstract expressionism, works from the early 1960s, far from the “new figuration”, are part of this Journey. This first pictorial period in Mallorca, in which he had not detached himself from the American painting of the moment, is what led him to experience painting in intimacy, before opening up to the environment of an island that made him fall in love and influenced him, towards a long and grateful road. And even so for the show we wanted to bring John closer, who had not yet finished fitting in the powerful effect of the Mediterranean light, which made the brushstroke of him fall in love.


Tomeu Ventayol (Alcúdia, 1945) is a regular contributor to 6A Ventayol’s work is defined by the refinement of forms to the minimum expression. The surrounding landscape makes him paint and at the same time blur the outline of this environment, with few but intense hints of colour. Ventayol is the example of how the same creator, with a discourse to which he has been faithful throughout a trajectory marked by coherence, can establish different channels of dialogue thanks to the extraordinary technical mastery of painting, iron sculpture and lithographic language.


In the case of Angela Von Neumann, vindication is at least necessary, when we speak of a figure of extraordinary profession, of an immense, delicate and sensitive culture. A woman with an inner universe of great wealth, with the creativity that has flowed through her veins from the cradle (she was the daughter of the painter Robert Von Neumann), who with the support of her father polished her innate talent at the Chicago Art Institute (1946 – 1950) , where he met Ulbricht. Her early work, clearly academic, underwent different evolutions, influenced in a first stage by Mexican painting and in her time in Denver by abstraction, both ways coexisted in her creative process. Since 1954, her painting undergoes a series of changes, with an evident influence by the radical change of life, when she moves to Mallorca, still to sprout, from the 50s, always enriched by an infinite inner imaginary world. In this exhibition we have wanted to focus on the work prior to her arrival in Mallorca, thanks to two paintings from 1951 and 1953, respectively, which could very well be part of the S.XX.



A definitive sample that transports us between different pictorial points, distant and at the same time close, a not easy maneuver, that of establishing such an extensive and extensive Periplus in a single proposal, a single space. Thanks to the willingness of the Gallery team to make it possible, after an exhaustive investigation, and as always the close collaboration with the different creators, they have motivated Periplus to be a unique proposal, without, at any time breaking the line marked by the Gallery in each and every one of your initiatives.



6A ART GALLERY / March, 2021