The work of the artists LOLA BERENGUER, RAMON CANET, MARIA CARBONERO, PEP COLL, JOAN CORTÉS, FÉLIX DE CÁRDENAS, EMMANUEL LAFONT, PABLO L. MARTÍNEZ, YUTAKA MORI and CARLES VALVERDE, meet again in the same space to give form and meaning to a new proposal of 6A ART GALLERY. As always, from the Gallery, we seek to offer the public to be able to approach to art, with clear guidelines that pass through artistic and technical quality, excellence, to reach a final result that as a whole happens naturally.

It’s curious when the starting point is to base ourselves on some principles that are already the mark of the house, and that dissolve any tension between works as diverse as the painting by artist Pep Coll and the original graphic work of Carles Valverde. When the artistic quality prevails, the technical quality, the job of who paints on the canvas, who draws the lithographic stone to be stamped, who works the noble wood, and an extraordinary result, it’s not necessary to follow any proposed conductive thread, in many cases imposed by the figure of who gathers the works of the different artists. Often, the 6A ART GALLERY team seeks tension in dialogues that seem impossible at first, it seems impossible to dialogue between the extremely realistic work of Emmanuel Lafont together with the sculptures of Pablo L. Martínez, and when the works take their position in space and time, an almost natural relationship is established. Different dialogues are generated that can reach harmony, and in no case does any work clash or its isolation is necessary. We are convinced that it’s only given for the excellent quality of each and every one of the works.

Since the foundation of TALLER 6A in 1982 and the transformation of natural form into 6A ART GALLERY after 30 years, we have carried out a huge technical investigation. Always with the aim of offering the maximum to the artists in their stays in our workshop. This research doesn’t make sense if we don’t make a previous research in the excellence of the work itself, in the hands of authors with skills and coherence, who don’t think so much about the final result but in the process.

Today we can gather the work of authors of extraordinary quality beyond languages, speeches, aesthetics and techniques. Thanks to the painting we can witness the coexistence between the strokes of the missing sevillian artist, Félix de Cárdenas, with the charcoal on canvas of the andalusian artist Emmanuel Lafont, without any distortion, on the contrary, the two languages “understand each other”.

As in all the proposals of 6A ART GALLERY we not only rely on the dialogue between different works of different authors, we give great importance to be able to show the different expressive means: painting, drawing, sculpture, lithography and woodcut, in the case at hand.

Now! It’s a proposal based on the dialogue of remoteness in the approach, which disappears when the exhibition is visited. Suddenly the confrontation of the work of the Japanese artist to the work of Maria Carbonero makes sense; It makes sense the confrontation between the work of Ramon Canet (more expressionist than ever) with the delicacy and subtlety, while remaining forceful, of the work of Joan Cortés. The large formats (paper in the case of Carbonero and Canet), coexist with the different techniques on the fabric of Pep Coll, Lola Berenguer and Emmanuel Lafont. The other works signed in different formats and expressive media by Joan Cortés, Pablo L. Martínez, Carles Valverde, Félix de Cárdenas and Yutaka Mori, alternate positions, plans, in the dialogue that is balanced and coherent.

Once again, 6A ART GALLERY, joins forces with artists to bring art closer to society, favouring at all times that society approaches excellence and coherence, in art and technique.